Sunday, February 20, 2011

Updates #2

My head is swimming, man. Swimming with all kinds of manga chapters and which translators are doing what. I am not the most organised person around so this is a lesson in my organisation skills. Ok, a few more updates.

1) I managed to upload the montages for Tonari no Atashi Chapter 15 and 16. Sara has been kind enough to send me Tonari no Atashi chapter 17 and 18 summaries and raws. So once it has been proofread, I'll have it up as soon as possible. So, at least we are pretty caught up with Tonari No Atashi.

2) Hapi Mari fans, I have chapter 23 raws with me courtesy of Osora again. But I am not sure whether I can get chapter 24 and the future chapters onwards cause I am not subscribed to Petit and I don't know of anyone else who does. Anyway, just you guys want scanlation or summary for Hapi Mari chapter 23? I know Bebe released the scanlation for Hapi Mari chapter 21 and 22. Do you guys want me to continue with scanlation of Hapi Mari but it's only going to be for Chapter 23 since I have no way of accessing the future chapters. Tell me what you guys prefer, all right?

Ok, that's about it, for now. Will be back soon for more updates in terms of summaries updates, I hope =)


  1. It would be GREAT if you can do Hapi Mari 23 But its really sad that it will stop there :(
    But since there aren't any other options we would be really grateful if u worked on Hapi Mari 23 for now. Thank you very much ^_^

  2. i agree with NadaS2.. it would be grateful and an infinite Thank You if you do chap 23

    i know this is selfish but it would be meaningful, grateful , and an infinite Thank You to shmook and the other staff (and also bebe {hope hear from bebe soon}) continue working Hapi Mari until the series completed.. :D

  3. I prefer scanlation of Hapi Mari. It is so sad that the scanlation won't be go on, but you all are doing your best anyways, thank you very much for all your effort.I really appreciate it.

  4. both are okay... anything that you can do is already a gift to us! thanks shmook for giving us ur time and an opportunity to read some spoilers.. gambatte ne! ^^
    hope bebexiu will come back soon >u<

  5. If you can post the summary, it's good.
    If you can to do the scanlation, better.
    It's only a question of time.