Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tonari No Atashi (隣のあたし) - Chapter 19

Manga Betsufure
Summarized by: jigoujitoku

If you want to see the scans, please go to Han-file to download volume 5 (where Chapter 19 is). I'm really sorry I couldn't post up the scans as usual. The reason being I am currently busy editing Bokura Ga Ita chapter 63. No promises yet but I would like to release that chapter on the 12th of March next week. Keep your fingers crossed!

Speaking of Bokura Ga Ita Chapter 63, fujioshi has kindly posted up a teaser of the chapter complete with some pictures. If you want to get more fix on BGI, please head over to her blog. If you don't want to spoil the fun, the suspense, the anticipation, then just wait for the scanlation to come out next week. Hopefully. :D

English Scans Online:

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  1. thank you so much for the news about BGI next chapter! I didn't read the teaser cuz I really think it's worth being patient. I'm one of those fan who don't want to spoil the supsence.^^ So I'll be patiently waiting for chapter 63 release.^^ it doesn't matter if you guys can make it by march 12th,we know that you do the best you can. As long as we get to read this chapter in this end! So thanks again for your hardwork. I love you guys

  2. thank you very much guys! i'll be looking forward for your works and no worries coz we will be patiently waiting.. ^^
    may sound redundant but a very big bunch of thank you's to all of you! mwah ♥!