Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Help wanted

All right. Just a little recruitment exercise.

1)I am in desperate need of an editor for the next chapters of Bokura Ga Ita.
2)I am also looking for Japanese to English translators who are interested to summarise any series that can be found in Betsucomi, Betsuma, Betsufure or Petit.

1) I am looking for an editor (with or without experiences but preferably with experiences and can produce a good-quality edited scans in a short period of time i.e. one week). You have to take the Editing Test first. Please download the zip file here. The instructions and translated script are all inside.

2) Translators-wise, due to various reasons, I may have to put some of the summaries on-hold because I do not have enough translators to work on them. So it would be nice to have a few more translators to help me with the summaries.Of course, if you are interested to summarise any of the other series in Betsucomi, Betsuma, Betsufure or Petit, please drop me an email at shmook148@gmail.com.

So please apply if you are interested. I am desperate, to say the least. Thank you.


  1. I'm sorry for asking you..... are you dropping yumemiru taiyou??

  2. No I'm not. I have Chapter 41 with me now but I am just too busy to scan them yet. Will get around to scanning soon.

  3. Sure, I don't have any experience in editing but I'll gladly try for my favorite manga.

  4. Yeah I would love to doing the editing...I've already sent you that test :)

  5. I'm interested in translating.. should I email you?

  6. hi there!! XD
    yeah I wouldn't mind doing translations/summaries :) I'm kind of on a shoujo's rampage now <3
    ah but if you woudn't mind waiting till next week.. I'm at the end of the school term and there's a lot to finish in the last minutes (the last minutes are always the killing ones;>.<) but then it's 2-week holidays so if I can help you just say it XD
    btw, my mail is cristina.go.costa@hotmail.com or "the same"@gmail XD

  7. I came here wondering if someone would be interested in translating Bokura Ga Ita c20-31 (yes, eventhough that's where the anime ended, some of us are hardcore manga fans XD).

    But now I see you're in need of translators ... unfortunately I can only clean. Still offering my help though. ^-^

    I have the RAWS for c20-31 of Bukra Ga Ita, I can edit them, I just need a translator, lmk if one of you would be interested.
    Thank you! :)

  8. @Anonymous who has raws for Bokura Ga Ita - I think i may have a translator who is interested in translating the chapters. Can you contact me via my email address? Thanks!

  9. are you still looking for an editor?

  10. @Anonymous yes, I am still looking for an editor. please email me, thank you =)