Friday, February 25, 2011

Help wanted

I'm looking for someone who can translate Korean to English. It's just a one-off thing because I have raws for Tonari no Atashi Chapter 19 to 24 which are in Korean. Please help out by asking around too. Thank you =)

I'm so happy to find a Korean to English translator so quickly! Introducing our newest staff, Jigoujitoku. She will be helping in translating Tonari no Atashi chapter 19-24. After that, since she can also read Japanese, she'll be helping in the summaries for the other Japanese series. Talk about being multi-lingual. I wish I can be like that too but I will probably trip over my tongue trying to learn a new language... Anyway, let's welcome her to our team =)


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH Jigoujitoku <3
    looking forward to read your summaries :D
    ps. Japanese, Korean and English ... COOL!!

  2. Wow! Awesome! I'm so happy to hear this. tonari no atashi is such a great manga, I look forward to the updates very much! Thank you Jigoujitoku... and shmook!

  3. congratulations shmook & staff

    im sure Jigoujitoku will make a wonderful addition to your team <3

    I look foward to your work

  4. thank you, guys, for your support (^-^)v